A different approach to medicine

I'm here to help you  thrive in your world so you can show up to life and execute your purpose.


Foundations package

New patients

By being intentional and targeted with our approach, we can gather information, take action, and create change more quickly and efficiently. 

Initial Visit

This one hour appointment will set our foundation for your future health plan.  During this time we start to unfold your health story, recognizing your own journey and patterns, and refer for diagnostic and baseline lab-work. This is the largest piece in unfolding your health puzzle. 

Comprehensive bloodwork screening panel

With interpretation by Dr. Springer.

Treatment execution follow up visit

We will go over your immediate treatment considerations & long-term follow-up plan

Custom designed treatment plan

Designed according to your intake, lab results and based on your unique biochemistry, genetics, and health story to maximize vibrancy and resiliency.

Diet, Lifestyle, Nutraceutical, Educational & Herbal Resources

With access to professional grade online dispensary for supplements, botanicals, and nutraceuticals.

Personalized recipe plans

The process

Approach to healing:

  • Identify weakened and imbalanced systems

  • Reset and optimize foundational pathways: sleep, stress, hormones, diet, water.

  • Support adrenals and stress response; manage nervous system and hormone balance.

  • Optimize detox pathways and metabolism

  • Calibrate and optimize the immune system - allergies, autoimmune.

  • Targeted disease support.

  • Restore the connection between mind and body

  • Create a foundation for sustainable change. 


My job is to create alignment within the body and optimize physical health so you can connect with your purpose and show up for yourself, your community, and your world.

Ongoing care

Follow up consults are available anytime. Most meetings include a combination of lifestyle counseling (nutrition, sleep, exercise), coaching surrounding your health concerns, genetic analysis, TBM, herbal medicine (teas, tinctures), counseling, supplements, acupuncture, labwork, and pharmaceuticals if required.

When to book a follow up:

  • Appearance of new symptoms

  • Changes in lifestyle, diet, disease process

  • New treatment plan required.

  • Feeling stuck

  • Labwork interpretation

  • After completing programs

  • Complex questions/consultations/coaching

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Virtual for BC residents

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